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"The service we receive with Independence Propane is Excellent. We have been using Mark for years. They make sure we never run out of propane which is so comforting. Thanks Mark!"

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Pricing Options

It’s never too early to protect your propane pricing for the coming heating season. Independence Propane offers three options to help control your heating costs.

Choose a plan to help you save all year! We have great offers and pricing for you to take advantage of.

If you have any questions about the plans or determining which is right for you please contact us

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EzPay Budget Plan

Take control of your propane costs and create predictability by dividing them into equal monthly payments. This personalized plan gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what you’ll be paying for fuel each month, regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.

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Price Protection Cap Plan

This plan provides an opportunity for you to protect your propane purchases from increases, while also providing the benefit of lower prices should market rates fall. You’ll know in advance the highest price you will pay for your fuel this year.

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Pre-Buy Plan

Pre-buy for your annual supply of propane at an attractive fixed rate while maintaining the convenience of automatic delivery.

Benefits & How it Works:

  • Divides yearly fuel cost into 11 equal monthly payments rather than a few large lump sum payments.

  • Will give you peace of mind to know exactly how much you will spend on heating your home each month.

  • The plan enrollment opens in June.

Benefits & How it Works:

  • If the price of propane goes down, you are charged the lower market price!

  • Guaranteed maximum price per gallon for your estimated annual propane gallons.

  • You can combine this with the EzPay Budget Plan for lower monthly payments.

  • There is an upfront “insurance” fee for the program and you must be on automatic delivery.

  • The plan enrollment opens in July

Benefits & How it Works:

  • This plan provides protection against increases in prices. This is beneficial should prices stay the same or increase.

  • All gallons not consumed by the end of the contract period will become a dollar amount credit on your account.

  • The plan enrollment opens in July with up-front payment for your requested gallons.

  • Important: this plan is a fixed price plan that does not provide protection for decreases in prices.

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