Independence Propane Offers Customers Local Service

Independence Propane now offers propane to businesses and residents throughout Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

Green Lane, PA (July 24, 2013) – Independence Propane owner Mark Delehanty’s roots are deep in the residential propane industry. For most of his career he worked for a number of the major players in the propane industry. He decided he wanted to break away from the ”bait and switch” technique that many large companies routinely practice on customers. He joined forces with AMERIgreen Energy to provide 100% American sourced propane and offer an Energy Rewards Program to his customers.

Independence Propane prides themselves on being a homegrown, local company rooted in customer service, great prices, and quick response for their customer’s needs.

Delehanty says, “We can offer tanks for sale or lease, propane equipment and propane fuel for residential and commercial uses. We’re excited to see what comes next!” With the recent industry trends, Independence Propane has added many new customers from older home conversions – people moving from oil to propane gas as their fuel of choice.

This versatile fuel greatly benefits the consumer, environment, and the economy. Propane improves the performance of appliances and machinery. Equipment runs better and last longer due to more efficient burning.  Propane is healthier for the planet by burning cleaner and reducing emissions with its simple hydrocarbon structure. Finally, propane supports the American economy since 97% of the U.S. propane supply is produced in North America.

Independence Propane continues to grow and offer products and services to meet their customers’ energy demands. They offer a fair price and quality product, and excellent customer service from a homegrown, local company! Contact Independence Propane at 215-234-0400 this summer for a great propane fill price.

For more information, contact Mark Delehanty at (610) 334-7645 or visit their website: or Facebook

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